Arendal, Norway

I started my fitness journey for real in the begin of 2018 after getting out of a long relationship. Then just a month after the breakup I lost my license and job after driving a bit too fast.
This really got me focused on the training since I was troubled with a lot of anxiety and low self esteem after getting pretty big.

I lost 25kg in 3 months, it was a bit to fast and I went a little to hard which ended with a prolapse in L5S1 with nerve damage. After 9 months of a lot of pain and suffering while back at work in construction I got the surgery and my back became a lot better. But then after 5 months I played American football and tore my ACL and meniscus. Soo again I had to start at the bottom and get back the strength in my knee before doing it all over again after the surgery.

To this day I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs I got a new appointment for a possible new surgery this summer but right now I’m just focused on doing my best to keep going and keeping my back and knee as strong and healthy as possible.

I have a really strong ADHD so working out is a really important part of my daily life and routine.

If I don’t get that energy out my body almost starts “itching” and I get feel really restless.

The gym for me is also a place of peace, the feeling of being able to push yourself through the pain and suffering when you are exhausted is a really good therapy session for me.