Shelbyville, TN

I have been working out for years, but working out & training are a completely different ballgame! I have wanted to compete for probably 7 years or more, but didn’t have the finances or guidance to do so— until 2021. I started prep for my first show in 2020, and took the stage in Nashville, TN at the NPC/IFBB PRO Nashville Fit Show in August of 2021. The gym and this lifestyle has been my lifeline, without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. Training keeps me on track with my mental health, and my goals. I recently connected with a new coach this year, and we are well into improvement season. I love to compete even after only one show, so the goal is to get back on stage bigger and better than ever. 1% better every single day is always the goal. I don’t want to look back, and think that could have been me.

Bodybuilding is a very unique lifestyle, and not everyone understands or supports that. Connecting with other like minded body builders is huge. I have met and found so many people that are crucial to my journey through going to shows & connecting with these people.

If you’ve ever thought about competing- or even stepping into bodybuilding I highly encourage you to do so. I would also recommend doing your research. Finding the right coach for you, don’t be scared to let the wrong ones go. Take care of your mental health. All these things are soooo important, but I know you can do it. Win every single day!!