Lino Lakes, MN

My fitness journey starts back in high school. I was a swimmer and I loved everything about it, the training, competition, and teamwork. I learned so much from it, along with the fact that I was quite good at it.

Entering college, I didn't swim and struggled to find my identity without sports. Trauma, mental health, and a long 4-year journey later, I am slowly but surely learning what it means to be an athlete who doesn't play a sport; and more importantly finding myself again. I have gone through the highs and lows of trying to figure out fitness.

From working out excessively and being restrictive with my eating- to never going to the gym, binge drinking, and partying. Fitness has helped me rediscover myself. It has helped me grow in my self-confidence, in how I interact with other people, and develop who I am striving to become.

I got my college degree in social work, and I am passionate about helping people. Especially other women who like me, had no idea where to begin, and to help them just start. A pivotal point in my journey was when I began to look at fitness as a lifestyle.

Fitness went from something that I previously believed was just for "athletes" and turned into and understanding that it is lifestyle that can be sustainable, balanced, and full. It is my goal in life, and with my fitness Instagram to help other women, who like me had this toxic mind set, to rewire it. We all have the capability within us to create the life we desire and to become the people we desire. It takes hard work, dedication, and a support system around you. And I hope that I can be that for other women.