Edmond, OK

I grew up running, 5ks, cross country and track. I loved the competition and the feeling I got from running. I stopped running long distances and started to run sprints and began pole vaulting, both of which I loved.

After I graduated I decided to not continue into college athletics simply because I didn’t like who I was or how I felt. Training and competition made me constantly pick out things I didn’t like about myself and things I once loved seemed like a chore that I had to get through. I got into the gym shortly after graduation just to keep active but then I started to really enjoy it.

I'm currently working on getting larger and more defined muscles and maybe get into bodybuilding. I’m also becoming a personal trainer and then seeing what else I can learn, such as nutrition or have a specialty such as bodybuilding. I would love to open my own gym one day, a faith based gym where you can worship and workout without fear of being judged.

My inspiration is Jesus Christ; who saved me from depression, anxiety, and so much more. He is the reason I live and I want to share the Gospel as I continue my fitness journey so that people see Him through me.

I think my goal as a personal trainer is to make sure people enjoy moving and to be able to get them to a place where they can exercise confidently whether it be with a trainer, friend or by themselves.