Burlington, NJ

I’ve been lifting for seriously for about 5 years now.

Many of my family members are riddled with health issues stemming from unhealthy lifestyles ,so at a young age I got a first hand look at what neglecting your health could potentially look like. All throughout my teen years I was pretty active, competitive track, basketball & soccer.

As I got into my twenties & college years I strayed from the path, started drinking more, stopped training altogether. Next thing I know I had put on substantial weight, then I looked in the mirror one day and decided it was time to do better.

I saw all of these athletes & fitness models online …instead of getting discouraged I said “why can’t I?” So eventually I discovered a newfound passion for bodybuilding. The culture, the people, the progress ..I went full force into it all gas.. no bakes! I met some of the most amazing people I know in the gym. Coming from where I Started ..I’ll never forget the day this man at the gym told me I motivated him…me… I was truly humbled. I learned quite a lot over the past 5 years but the greatest lesson that I learned is that working out not only helps you gain physically but gives you a mental fortitude that no one can take away.

Bodybuilding & fitness has taught me self discipline, perseverance, the value of hard work but most importantly to take some time out of your day to uplift someone, you never know the effect you’ll have.