San Diego, CA

I first started weight training in 2012 with my first coach and personal trainer, Ariel ‘Cutz’. He taught me the basics of using minimal equipment to build muscle and how maintaining mental focus and stability in each repetition improves muscle strength, endurance, and ultimately aesthetics.

As a clinical psychologist, I became increasingly interested in developing mental strength through various forms of therapy, including physical fitness and thought work.

Today, through personal and professional research, I am learning more about the psychology behind bodybuilding, yoga, meditation, and restorative practices for optimal health.

My hope is to inspire others that once we commit to believing what is possible, whether that literally means, “one more rep”, or one more step, or just to be happy, that motivation and willpower come from a spiritual connection and commitment to yourself and a belief in what is possible.

Consistency and effort are key to making any dream a reality, but it’s the belief behind our actions that align us with our goal. The process, I believe, is simple. It just comes from: 1. Knowing what you want, 2. Knowing why you want it, 3. Creating a plan for action, 4. Creating a plan failure, and 5. The willingness to keep going no matter the success or adversity. It endless and limitless.

My purpose is to constantly evolve into my higher Self, no matter my age or stage in life. Life is about experiencing life to its fullest and lifelong learning is fundamental to happiness.

I am at the highest point of my happiness to date, but I am lightyears away from achieving what is possible for me. Life is an everlasting journey to being our optimal self, but it’s the journey itself that is the reward.