Marcus Arzu 

Jefferson Valley, NY

"What made me start working out was from a change in mindset in high school. I was overweight pretty much most of my life and was insecure and very depressed. My parents inspired me to start working out, my mom would take me to the gym with her before school and at first I hated the whole thought of sweating on purpose! But after a while of being consistent with going I started feeling stronger, less winded from minute tasks and more confident in myself.

Ever since starting I’ve felt like a new person since I started, feeling genuinely happy more often than not, more confident than I ever was or could even imagine myself becoming, let alone making an account just for me working out! And just overall happy to look at myself in the mirror and see the results of my work over the last 3 and a half years.

I regressed a bit in college and gained some weight cause of stress, easy access to unhealthy food and less time to workout. I recently dropped out of the college I was previously going to for a bachelors in visual arts but over covid I lost 20 more lbs and changed my mind to go into mechanical engineering. I should be joining Alfred state in the fall to start my journey to my real dream which is to work on and create more fuel efficient/ electric cars. It’s a recent interest I’ve picked up and want to take it to heights I can’t even imagine!"

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