New York, NY

Fitness, a steadfast companion, has rescued me on multiple occasions. Initially, as a newly postpartum mom, grappling with sleepless nights, anxiety, and the inherent isolation that accompanies the early stages of motherhood, I sought refuge in convenient home workouts. These became my sanctuary during the baby's nap, not only preserving my mental well-being but aiding my body's swift recovery.

The second crucial intervention by fitness occurred in the past year, marked by a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy with reconstruction. The consistent pre-surgery workouts undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my remarkably rapid recovery. While my physical healing allowed me to resume the strength training routines I adore, the mental toll of the diagnosis and major surgery posed the greatest challenge. Yet, amid life's formidable trials, fitness emerged as my unwavering outlet. It cultivated a robust growth mindset, instilled discipline to persevere in moments of low motivation, and fostered the mental fortitude essential for navigating through challenges like cancer.

A cherished quote by Brene Brown echoes in my mind: "One day you will tell the story of what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide." This encapsulates my mission as a fitness coach – to share my narrative of conquering these formidable challenges and inspire others to invest in their health and fitness journeys.

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