Charlotte, NC

My journey started when I first stepped on a sports field as an athlete around age 10 continuing on through high school. I missed the energy, atmosphere & everything about being around sports, at 20 I took on a new role as a coach. Then realized I needed competition within myself, craved a challenge & found my way as a competitive bodybuilder. Health & fitness is a a way of life, eating healthy, fueling your body, training hard, pushing not only your body but your mind to new limits. It’s a feeling like no other! My biggest goal is to share my story & to inspire & motivate someone & anyone, this is my real life day to day, why not share my journey to encourage others! It’s amazing to me when you push your mind how far your body will go! It’s amazing how much energy & an environment will support you! The relationships grown through common interests of health & fitness is like no other (were a rare breed of people) most don’t understand, most want results but don’t want to work for them, however the feeling of working so hard & achieving such insane results is such a strong feeling, a feeling that you can take on the world, a feeling I wish more could experience! Positive vibes will always come out on top! It’s a lot easier to be happy when you’re body is happy, when your mind is happy, when you take care of yourself!