Maya Shirvani

Foster City, CA

"I’ve always been interested in fitness and healthy living. So when I was diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) I was shocked. Here I thought I was eating the right food and exercise regularly with no family history of cancer!! So after 5 rounds of chemotherapy I went on a search.

As a chiropractor I knew that our bodies have innate intelligence that is able to heal itself. But I also found out that it’s not just what we eat and how active we are. A big aspect of healthy being is healthy mind as well. I also started looking into nutrition more. Today after being in remission for 14 years I’m happy to say that not only I beat cancer but I grew and learned from it 10 fold. In my research on diet and healthy lifestyle I got interested in genetics and DNA. The fact that most research results are not 100% shows us that we all come with a unique blueprint genetically. This was fascinating to me. I believe knowledge is power and the more one knows about their bodies and genetics the better they can optimize their health and longevity. That’s why I chose to become a DNA -Analysis coach to help other people live their best lives.

I’m also a bikini competitor and Training is my favorite part. Training and building my body is like meditation for me. It puts me in a great mood. Im definitely a happier person after. It’s the best feeling ever."

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