Austin, TX

Embarking on my fitness journey at the tender age of 20, I found myself at rock bottom—battling mental health issues while drowning in the destructive depths of drug abuse. Determined to break free from this dark chapter, I made the courageous decision to seek treatment for drug abuse and reinvent my life.

It was within the structured routine of treatment that I encountered weight lifting, a pivotal moment that would shape the trajectory of my fitness odyssey. As the lockdowns of the COVID era unfolded, I found myself at home, grappling with the void left by the absence of my regular routine. This was the turning point. Instead of succumbing to the challenges of isolation, I chose to continue the workout routine I had adopted during treatment.

September 2020 marked a significant milestone—I decided to set a weight loss goal. It wasn't the first time I had attempted this feat; since the age of 12, I had battled with dissatisfaction in my own body. The missing elements—routine, discipline, and accountability—had always hindered my progress. Fortuitously, my employment at a gym's front desk changed the game. The necessity to work out became a part of my daily routine, and although it took time to adjust, I eventually found my stride.

Over the course of the next year, I adhered to a consistent lifting routine and embraced a healthy eating plan, resulting in a remarkable 70-pound weight loss. Beyond the physical transformation, this journey became a profound exploration of self-discovery.

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