Calgary, AB

My fitness journey started when I was a young girl watching my dad teaching his weight lifting classes at the YMCA. As soon as I was old enough to lift, I started training with my dad.

I loved it and became certified as a trainer myself in my early 20’s. However, I ended up working in finance for 20 years. I still worked out myself regularly. As well as helped friends and family whenever they needed.

Then I was rear ended on while I was stopped for an accident in front of me. Among other injuries, my ankle was shattered and I was left with no cartridge. I was in an air cast waiting for surgery that was a year away.

After the surgery I was in crutches for 4 months, then a cane for almost another year. I worked a lot of core and upper body during this time. But I had a trainer keeping me safe and physiotherapists too.

These people and this time of my life changed me. I wanted to give back to people. So I went back to school in my 40’s and received my degree in Nutritional Science. I started a very small 1 on 1 coaching business where I work with women. I have continued my education and I am focusing on women’s health. Specifically women thriving through menopause.

My car accident changed my life. But I love where it has taken me. I love what I do, I love motivating and empowering women of all ages to be the best they can, the best that’s right for them.