Sandy, UT

I started working out as a kid to be able to overcome weight issues and gain some self confidence. I continued into adulthood into powerlifting and strongman competitions. Overall, I've found lifting and exercise a place of refuge and strength to help reset my mind and overcome struggles. I found a way of making friends that helped to build my life up vs pull it down because usually people in the gym are looking to better themselves as well.

Fast forward to 3 years ago when I decided to take on the sport of Bodybuilding. I had always thought my body couldn't get as lean or as muscular as other bodybuilding competitors, but through understanding more about nutrition, exercise, and working with an amazing coach, I was able to over come some mental barriers and build a platform on socials around bodybuilding and inspiring others to see that they can do the same thing even at an older age.

Some things that I'm looking to do moving forward in fitness.

Build a community that is focused on making an impact on mental and physical health. Both are so intertwined that there has to be a focus on both.

Build a lifestyle / coaching program that will help older competitors what it takes to feel healthy and happy.
Continue to be the healthiest version of myself possible, and inspire others to take a deep look at what keeps them from doing the same, and build collective self confidence for my followers to know that they are valuable and that they need to emphasize self care.