Chickasha, OK

I have always been involved in some sort of exercise, usually it was always HIIT and I wasn't happy with how my body looked. I dropped weight but I still wasn't happy.

January 1,2020 I picked up weight training and never stopped. I loved the pump and the intensity of it and I really had no idea all the muscle was going to pop up so fast. I kept putting in the work and working out even when I didn't feel like it and felt like my results werent showing. Lifting heavy freed my mind during a hard time and became my therapy.

I did my first Bodybuilding competition last September and placed 2nd I set a goal to go Pro this year! Lifting makes me level minded and also helps me help others achieve their goals and dreams, it honestly changed my life for the better and I will never stop! I have to have my training session and I make it a priority.

There is nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to your health and dreams. I was told 3 years ago I would never walk a stage being natural and training from home, well I knocked that "fantasy" out of the park and took 2nd place. All the negativity I have dealt with fueled me and pushed me to where I am today, I don't regret choices or how life has done me wrong because I wouldn't be the badass I am today.

When people say you can't make a body like that after having 3 kids and a crazy work schedule, all I have to say is watch me make it happen.

No door is ever shut to keep you out if you really want your goals crushed you kick that shit open and show them what your capable of!!