Nechells, Birmingham, UK

From the age of 9, I’ve always loved competing, whether it be sprinting or teg and tag. I’ve always love moving and being picked 1st to be on people's teams. Fast forward to 12 Computer games and consoles. This is where my life took a spiral where I started to put on weight. I was no longer the kid that got picked first but the kid that didn’t get picked at all. At age 15, I decided to turn my world around and started playing basketball. I was in my first year; I made friends with somebody that played a lot over in Canada. He showed me some skills but also belittled me; my final straw was when we were picking for teams, and I was the last one to be chosen as I walked over to his team, he said he would rather me sit on the sideline let me play on his team. That day I went home and cried And asked my brother to buy me a Basketball. I swore I would never experience this type of pain ever again. Since then, I’ve gone on to play basketball at national league level, qualified as a fitness coach age 18, continued as an amateur coach, and have my company Bodysharp which I’ve had over the last 20 years supporting people to transform their lives to be the best version of themselves. 43 I kept my word, keeping Sharp as I can be inspiring others to do the same.