Ottawa, ON

I started lifting weights at the age of 16. I learned about it in grade 10 gym class when our teacher decided to take the girls gym class to the lackluster high school weight room.
I was hooked! 🪝

I started going to the community center near my house to lift weights and when I was 19 years old I started working at a gym.

Fast forward 20 years and I found myself in a CrossFit gym where women were told to lift heavy weights and not to be afraid to lift heavy. It was so empowering.

One day I saw a sign taped to the whiteboard about a Powerlifting meet. The head coach told me I could do it. I was strong enough. So I paid my $50 and signed up.

On the day of the meet I showed up with my favorite leggings and tank top only to find out I needed special attire for this event - namely a singlet and deadlifting socks. Neither of which I even knew what they were.

Turns out an old acquaintance of mine was there acting as a “handler” for another athlete. I didn’t know what that meant either but she gathered up some other competitors to lend me the stuff I’d need.

At almost 5’10” I’m an anomaly in this sport so the singlet was jammed up my butt so far I thought for sure it was going to rip right up the ass when I bent over to pick up the Barbell….it didn’t.

And those shitty unfitted cheap free t-shirts you get at every event was just what I needed to put under that singlet all wrinkled and bulged up underneath making it hard for me to even breathe. Luckily the suit was 2% spandex.

I took off my little ankle socks as my boyfriend pulled off his high socks and handed them to me.

✔️ deadlift socks in full effect!

New lifters were to put an ❌ on their clothing so judges would know to give them feedback if they really messed up. I think even without the chalk X on my singlet it was pretty obvious I was new to this!

I lifted my barbells which was SO exhilarating. I lifted the heaviest deadlift I’d ever lifted. I returned all my borrowed gear and went home in my ugly free green shirt and free sample of creatine as a thanks for coming out.

I checked the stats online a few days later and I had come first place in my division!!!