Noah Corral 

Placentia, CA

My name is Noah Corral and I am 20 years old. My workout and fitness journey started my Jr. year of High school. I had a Physical appointment. It was for my sport so going into it I thought nothing of it what so ever. Honestly thought it would be an in and out thing. Unfortunately I weighed 250 lbs and was borderline obese. The Docotor had a very serious and honest conversation with myself and my mom that if I don’t make a change in my diet and fitness I would become obese and it will only get worse and worse over time. That’s basically what really got me started my process and journey little did I know what was in store for me and my future.

I was 17 and a half almost when I started. I decided to go to the gym today twice a day every single day 7 days a week. I cut out all fast foods and I consumed 509 calories less a day. I didn’t know all to much about fitness, exercises or nutrition so I had to do all of my own research. I googled stuff read articles watch videos and just tried to intake al if it and put it towards my body and goals. The gym was extremely hard for me. I was the new guy not knowing what to do or how to do it. I didn’t look like I belonged I didn’t fit in and I was out of shape.

My confidence was shot down and I had no motivation. Here’s the thing that really helped me and lifted me up and drove me to work my tail off. I would think about all the times I got bullied or made fun of. I thought and pictured all the times I got cut from a team or rejected by a girl or turned down. I used others peoples voices like like “you’ll never make it in life” you’ll get nowhere” “your a no body” and I used that as my drive and it motivated me to work harder then anyone and everyone. While my friends were partying or sleeping I was already at the gym or coming home from the gym to recover and refuel and get ready for a cardio session or another lift.

Yes I got so addicted to the gym and fell I love with the heavy weight and results I become a little pro. The tables flipped al my friends or even random strangers cake to me asking for advice how do I gain weight? How do I build muscle? How do I lose weight? Before some girls would never talk to me let alone come up to me and that al changed. It’s really funny when person changes physically how people act differently towards you. I really had to take a step back and realize these people are my real friends and these people never game me the time of the day before when I used to be over weigh but they wanna give it to me now. I always told myself once I changed I was never gonna get taken advantage of or made fun of again. This decision changed my life in a positive way because I am who I am now because of that decision back in High school.

Not only did I change my life but I’ve changed other and I plan to change many more. Along so with impact as many lives as I can. Now I am a personal trainer and have the change to change their life just as I did mine. I’m also a nutrition coach ast well and an Inspiring and up and coming fitness model to share my story and journey with everyone who come caress my account. Some inspiring stuff is the heaviest I ever was, was 250lbs and I get all the way down to 182lbs. I am at 200lbs right now because of muscle and a clean and lean bulk. I did it all on my own without help and I think that’s very achieving and rewarding.

There is a ton I can talk about but one last major stepping stone I would like to share is that I am also a father at 20 years old almost 21. My life and journey has changed so much both physical and mental, and it’s feels like I’m living life backwards and upside down at some points but at the end of the day you have to wake up every morning just like everyone else so why not be the difference maker and be different then everyone else. I strive to stand out have a voice and make an impact.

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