Houston, TX

Let me introduce myself: My name is Osvaldo.
I would like to start by saying that as a Hispanic guy in our culture it has always been difficult for us to maintain a life with healthy habits, myself included.
Since I was little I did practiced some sports, soccer was always my favorite.
But after high school, the responsibility of being an adult started and this is when it all begins.
I started working double shifts, and little by little I stopped having the social life I had,
and without realizing it, my life became very sedentary.
I started working in construction 🚧, and I believe it was when i started putting excuses, saying that I was too tired to do some kind of exercise, that i didn't have enough time, and the thru, what was happening, was that I didn't want to see the reality,
I was gaining obesity, and my life had become very monotonous.
In the past I did signed up for the gym, but I always quit after a few weeks because I didn't see fast results, I even paid my membership for 1 year without using it.
Sometimes I would come home from work, and I would only have dinner, watch TV and fall asleep, I had no goals or objectives to pursue other than just working and earning a living.
But everything changed at the beginning of last year, there were a couple of nights that I woke up with a lot of difficulty breathing, and the first time I didn't pay too much attention, but the second time I understood that something was wrong , so I decided to make a change in my life starting here🧠, then here🍲 and then here🏋‍♂️..
I decided to change my habits, and it was the best decision I have ever made for myself.
I started to think about what I wanted to do and what I want to achieve, and at the beginning of May 2021 I signed up at the gym,
I started watching videos on how to do my diet according to my goals and how to exercise correctly,
since to date I have not used a personal trainer and I'm always get my macros from food.
To date I'm so proud of myself, of what I have been able to achieve throughout this year,
now I feel much better physically and mentally, I feel more confident and this has already become my lifestyle.
I'm aware that there is a lot more to learn and work on and I will continue to put in the hard work, one day at a time.
Finally I want to say that if a guy as normal as me can do it,
"you can too" it's just a matter of making one good decision at the time.