Pam Major

Lafayette, LA

I started working out seriously at the age of 50. That was almost 10 years ago!! I had family members with health issues due to inactivity and I did not want to follow that same path. When my sister died of a massive heart attack, my decision to get fit began.
I’m looking forward to 2021. I will be competing at Masters Nationals this July at the young age of 60! I’ve been training hard and actually getting my cardio in daily. I have a Peloton bike and I just completed my 1000th ride!

Weightlifting helps me distress from my job as an RN working with COVID-19 patients. I’m heartbroken for the staff , patients and their families. If I didn’t have my workouts to look forward to—I don’t know if I could cope with the heartbreak. Bodybuilding helps me mentally as well as physically. 2020 has been rough mentally, yet bodybuilding has gotten me through these tough times.

My hope is to inspire people of all ages that it is not to late to change your life and start to improve your overall health as well as improve your life.

I’m able to do activities that I couldn’t possibly do in my 40’s! I can hike for miles with my daughter, can can ride my bike, inside or outside for miles, and I absolutely feel must better.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle for me. I cannot even imagine what my health would be without my workouts. I is a good time to move.

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