Yeppoon, Australia

I was mid-20s with a 2yr old and a husband. I weighed 120kg (I’m only 165cm tall) and I felt like I didn’t have time to focus on fitness because I needed to spend as much time with ny toddler. Then my husband left me - fell out of love, he said. I knew I needed to clean up my diet and get healthy. I started off by just going for 20 min walks with the pram, my stepmum came with me for support. Then I saw a local CrossFit was doing a beginners block special. I signed up in a heartbeat - not knowing what I was getting into.
I ended up doing 5 days a week for a month - the beginners block was super slow and taught all the basics and correct techniques. After that I decided to move on to a gym rather than continue at CrossFit.

I lost 25kg in that first year.

Over the next few years I lost a further 30kg - total 55kg. Exercise was not the only thing I changed, I cut out heavy carbs and sugar, and I significantly reduced my portion sizing.

Due to my huge weight loss, I had so much loose skin. A friend suggested I talk to my local GP about getting a tummy tuck. I booked in, GP sent off a referral and within a few weeks I received a letter to say I was on the wait list for a consultation with the plastic surgery department - wait time about 365 days. I had my consultation and they approved me for tummy tuck through Medicare (public healthcare) - waitlist 12-18 months. Fast forward 12 months and I was on my way down to Brisbane.

I had the tummy tuck but the day after surgery I realised something was wrong - that night I nearly died and the emergency medical team had to give me nearly a litre of blood transfusion, then I went back into surgery and they found 800mL of blood clots. I ended up being in hospital 15 nights instead of 3.

I’m home now, fully recovered and back at gym! I’m taking it slow and building back up to my previous strength and fitness levels gradually.

I feel so proud of myself for everything I’ve achieved and love my body!