Perth, Australia

I began my fitness journey at 16, alongside my closest friend in high school. It was a simple routine: we’d hit the gym almost every day before school to lift weights and see what progress we could make. From those early days, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the gym, and my focus shifted to becoming the best athlete I could be for baseball.

Over the past five years, I’ve had a myriad of experiences working out. I’ve lifted weights personally, trained for baseball performance at the collegiate level in Arizona, and rehabbed from a shoulder injury to get back into the game. Each phase of my fitness journey has played a crucial role in shaping who I am today. Without fitness, I’m not sure where I would be. The gym has been a constant in my life, providing me with the confidence and strength to face daily challenges and enhancing my performance in the sport I love the most.

These experiences have inspired me to become a personal trainer. I want to have a positive impact on my clients' fitness journeys and help them reach their ultimate goals. Now that I’ve started my personal training business, I find that my personal routine has become even more beneficial. It allows me to work towards my own goals, focusing not just on getting stronger but also on becoming more flexible and athletic.

I spend most of my week in the gym, both working with clients and bettering myself. This dual focus has proven incredibly beneficial for my physical and mental health. My ultimate goal is to become a professional baseball player. However, if that goal becomes unreachable, I aim to grow my business and help as many people as possible with their health and fitness goals.

The gym has been a cornerstone of my life, helping me navigate various challenges and providing me with a sense of purpose. I hope to share this passion with others and inspire them to pursue their own fitness journeys. Whether through personal training or my own athletic aspirations, I am committed to making a positive impact and helping others achieve their best selves.

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