Charlotte, NC

My journey into the world of lifting commenced after my senior year of high school, driven by the aspiration to prepare for the ROTC program at Eastern Illinois University. Little did I know, this initial preparation would unfold into a profound odyssey of passion, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional growth. Although the idea of competing in bodybuilding was introduced in 2011, it wasn't until 2019 that I fully immersed myself in this transformative venture.

Initially fueled by a quest for external validation, my bodybuilding journey has evolved into a deeply personal expedition marked by intrinsic growth, self-awareness, and a profound love for the process of self-improvement. Exiting the military, my world underwent a seismic shift. A lost marriage, a career restart from scratch, and a challenging bodybuilding season in 2021 forced me to hit pause and recalibrate. It was time to unravel the layers, rediscover my authentic self, and align my purpose with my core values.

From late 2021 through most of 2023, I navigated emotional highs and lows, confronting demons I had previously sought to escape through bodybuilding. Posing, once a performance for competition, became my therapeutic outlet, a means to sift through my emotions and learn to confront them head-on. This journey of introspection led to profound healing, and I continue to prioritize mental and emotional well-being to serve as an example for those undergoing a similar process or contemplating their own journey of healing.

My aspiration is that my story serves as an inspiration for others to find the courage to slow down, face their demons, and question the life they lead. Are they living in alignment with internal values and purpose, or merely adhering to societal expectations? While I pursue the dream of becoming a professional, my ultimate hope is that my actions inspire individuals on their unique paths to professionalism, encouraging them to prioritize self-care, trust the process, and emerge not only successful but transformed into someone they are truly proud to see in the mirror. the-project

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