Lincoln, AK

I've been training as a natural bodybuilder since I was a junior in high school. Starting at 115 lbs, I believed adding more mass to my frame would boost my confidence and provide a positive outlet for my time and energy. Embracing the "eat big to get big" mindset, I consumed heavily processed foods in large quantities, ballooning up to 230 lbs, which wasn't ideal for my 5'8" frame. My first bodybuilding show in 2012 saw me shedding 80 lbs in just 12 weeks, achieving remarkable leanness but at the cost of sacrificing lean mass due to extreme dieting.

For several years, I adhered to the traditional "bro dieting" approach, competing twice more and achieving remarkable leanness each time. However, I sensed there had to be a better way. After the 2014 season, I adopted carb backloading, but soon realized I felt better without reintroducing carbs at night as recommended.

My journey led me to dive headfirst into the world of keto before it gained mainstream recognition. Experimenting with various protocols and macro ratios, I found that eliminating carbohydrates significantly improved my relationship with food and enhanced my performance without any negative impact. This positive transformation prompted me to share my experiences and insights, leading to the creation of Keto Savage in 2016.

In 2017, I decided to compete with a ketogenic approach, experiencing unprecedented levels of well-being and achieving unparalleled leanness. This marked a significant turning point, as my relationship with food during prep improved, along with the reverse dieting phase afterward. Despite a setback in 2020 when my prep got canceled due to Covid, I recommitted to the stage in 2023, competing in five shows and earning my WNBF pro-card in October.

This lifestyle has not only revolutionized my health but also imbued my life with purpose. I view it as a means to contribute more value than I receive, and I'm enthusiastic about wholeheartedly investing myself in it!

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