Sabrina Ursaner 

Tionesta, PA

"I’ve been dancing since the age of 4 and majored in dance undergrad, but after college went into the corporate world for about 10 years. As a corporate lawyer I spent long hours in the office and was sitting at a desk all day. My back began to bother me to the point where the pain of sitting was almost unbearable. I got a standing desk, then a treadmill desk, then a surfboard desk... but was still at a computer screen all day. The lifestyle didn’t work for me.

I left the corporate world to start a wellness company, and now several years later I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor, 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, aerial yoga teacher, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Jumpsport Fitness trampoline instructor, and more.

Fitness changed everything for me. Not just physically, but mentally. The benefits are too numerous to list. Take trampoline for example. Some of the benefits of rebounding include:
- helps with lymphatic drainage and eliminating toxins from the body
- improve balance
- improve cardio health & circulation
- improve coordination
- 20 minutes of tramping = 1 hour of jogging or running for cardio exercise
- low impact on joints
- increase bone density and muscular strength
- increase energy and mitochondrial function (powerhouse!)
- kickstart your metabolism
- strengthen your immune system
- IT'S FUN!!!!!!!

I’ve been teaching virtual classes on Zoom through the pandemic and have connected with so many people I never would have met before. Fitness truly connected me to some of my closest friends and is a major part of shag got me through the pandemic."

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