Midland, TX

I want to start out by giving a little background...I was a drug addict for half of my life. In addition to that I also had an eating disorder since I was in high school. Things got really crazy as I got older and got into harder drugs. Thankfully the legal system took over and that saved my life. I did not have a good self esteem or self image and so shortly after trying to maintain a sober lifestyle I discovered the gym. Fitness brought a whole new light into my life. Not only did it give me something to do (which is important when you're newly sober), it also helped me see myself in a new way. Let me say I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning but I kept at it and kept pushing myself to learn. Now I am 4 years clean/sober and it is still my passion, just like in the beginning. It helped me heal myself so much that I am also in recovery from my eating disorder as well. Fitness brought me back to life and helped me realize I am stronger than I've ever been. I now have my own family and a 2 year old It gives me joy that my son can see his mama as strong and resilient woman and not the way I used to be. I came here to show that change is possible. The gym is so much more than just a gym to me. It's therapeutic and it's helped me grow so much.