Houston, TX

Growing up, I was always pretty active, always involved in something (sports, dance, activities, etc.) that kept me busy. Then in college, I was still active, but not as much as I had wanted to be. It wasn't until I met my husband that I caught the "fitness bug."

Let's be honest, this process and "mindset" definitely didn't happen overnight. It's 1000% called a fitness "journey" for a reason. Even today, I'm still learning new things, new techniques, and trying different things that make me feel great. Every day I strive to be better than who I was yesterday. My biggest competition is myself!

Again, I didn't always have the "healthy fitness attitude" that I have today. When I started going to the gym with my husband (12+ years ago now), I would go, but it was more like a chore. I now call it "forced workouts." I would dread going, and just went to "get through it," so I could be done and go on with my day. Certain days I would absolutely make excuses and skip workouts... but that's because I didn't have the right focused mindset and determination yet. That comes with time, as well as education.

Today I'm a Physician Assistant, and I've seen first hand what happens when you treat your body so recklessly. Without any exercise or proper nutrition... Soooooo many preventable health problems arise. That will NOT be me!

A healthy lifestyle not only affects you physically, but also mentally. It provides you with that amazing energy to get through your day, as well as getting a better night’s sleep. When you get on that routine, and start seeing the progress that you're making… that's when you notice the benefits, and the mindset changes. Almost like a “fitness switch.”

After several years of “forced workouts,” whining, and making excuses, I finally flipped that fitness switch myself. That’s when I started “shredding for the wedding.”
I made the schedules, I got the routine, and finally started enjoying working out. For me, it isn't a chore anymore- it’s a necessity. You wake up, you brush your teeth, you workout! That’s the mindset. That's how you achieve your goals. Remaining focused and never giving up!
The most successful people in the world are the ones who never give up.
Keep practicing!!

Remember, practice doesn't make perfect... Practice Makes Progress!

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