Brighton, UK

As a child, my world revolved around the football pitch, thanks to my father's love and skill for the game. Those rain-soaked weekends, watching players hone their fitness, technique, and confidence, planted the seeds for a future I hadn't yet envisioned.

School days saw me leaning heavily into the physical aspects of the curriculum, making my mark in both county Netball and Cross Country Running Teams. College beckoned, and I immersed myself in the study of fitness, leaving with a Level 4 qualification in Personal Training and an advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy.

The last two decades have been a whirlwind of activity, with my focus squarely on health and fitness. I kicked off my career with a members-only gym in Hove before venturing out to start my own business. Along the way, I've had the privilege of working with familiar faces from the Sports, Music, and Entertainment arenas, offering tailored services that encompass Personal Training, Sports Therapy, and Nutritional advice. Life on the road with my clients has been an adventure, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in fitness.

While my professional life revolves around helping others achieve their fitness goals, I've never neglected my own well-being. Challenges are a part of my DNA, and I've conquered numerous Half Marathons – from Brighton to Great North and Silverstone. The pinnacle, however, was The Brighton Marathon. Now, with my sights set on the New York Marathon, I'm ready to push my limits even further.

In the midst of these athletic pursuits, I proudly wear the hat of a mom to a bundle of joy. The energy and fun my little one brings into my life keep me on my toes and serve as a reminder of the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

As I reflect on this journey, it won't be long before you find me, happily, back on that football pitch – the place where it all began. The lessons learned, the challenges faced, and the victories celebrated – they're all threads woven into the fabric of my fitness odyssey. Here's to the next stride, the next challenge, and the next chapter in the pursuit of health and happiness.

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