Westchester, NY

Growing up in Westchester, New York, just 20 minutes outside of NYC, I've always had big city dreams. Fitness has been the catalyst for all my successes in life. At the age of 8, I asked "Santa" for a bench press set, which marked the beginning of my fitness journey. As I continued to play four sports and later college football, fitness became an outlet for my worries, and the gym turned into a sanctuary for growth.

Since graduating from Springfield College in 2014, I've ventured into the entrepreneurial world, partnering in three different businesses: All in 1 Commercial Cleaning, The Sailhouse Restaurant, and A.C.E. Weightlifting. Running, breathwork, and mindfulness have become the pillars of my success in the entrepreneurial space. I rely on my mental and physical health daily to operate at a high level.

My life has been a series of blessings and challenges. I firmly believe we have the ability to dictate our own future. You will always find what you’re looking for, so it's crucial to be careful where you focus your attention. Through adversity, I’ve found growth. For years, I battled severe anxiety without knowing the root cause. I realized that my lifestyle habits were not in alignment with who I wanted to become. So, instead of partying and sleepless nights, I traded those habits for cold plunges, sauna sessions, meditation, reading, journaling, and a wide variety of fitness tools.

The unexpected passing of my father in November 2023 was a profound wakeup call. Time is our most precious commodity. Instead of folding under the weight of grief, I chose to step up as a leader, leaning into my vision of becoming a figure that provides a platform for others to grow. I aspired to lead a life like my father's—one of true servant leadership.

Just four short months after losing my father, I co-founded a men's personal development company, Action Cultivates Excellence (A.C.E.), alongside Dave Reggina. We kicked off our venture with our bi-annual weekend retreat, The ACE Summit. A.C.E. is a global personal and professional development company that seeks to impact millions of lives through our creative solutions to growth.

If I could offer one piece of advice to get closer to becoming the person you want to be, it would be this: Find peace, stillness, purpose, and passion. It is all within us. We must decide to take massive action on these staples in life to live a life worthwhile.

Fitness has been more than just a physical endeavor for me—it's been the foundation of my mental and emotional well-being. It's taught me resilience, discipline, and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance. Whether it’s through cold plunges, mindfulness practices, or rigorous training sessions, these habits have shaped me into who I am today.

I encourage everyone to embark on their fitness journey, not just for physical gains but for the holistic transformation it brings. As I continue to navigate the complexities of life and business, I remain committed to my fitness regimen, knowing it is the bedrock of my success and well-being. Here's to a future filled with growth, health, and endless possibilities.

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