Herndon, VA

From the beginning of my childhood I was an active explorer and curious one. This lead me to try, learn, and eventually quit various sports and activities. However, I lost sight of my fitness and health when pushed to seek what career to pursue after high school. After a couple years astray from my physical health I met a friend that brought life back into that drive. When meeting that friend I was currently on a journey of my spiritual truth and what because the truth of what is possible all together.

I have always been an optimistic soul and ready to take on what is in front of me. When we can together as friends and committed to a fitness, nutritional, and balanced future I changed and gained a drive that has since been pushing me to grow physically and mentally.

I started working out by myself with calisthenics in high school, putting myself through workouts that I had seen in fictional setting from anime or popular exercises that were simple. I started because I wanted to become someone who could achieve the impossible. Someone who could inspire and show people that you can always be more than you are now. To show people that there is no such thing as the impossible, we just don’t know how to do everything until we discover it. This drive to do the impossible slowly but surely brought me to fortifying myself and keeps me pushing to achieve my goals and beyond.

The way that my achievements and growth affects my life would be simply put as bringing joy and showing that when you put your mind to something and believe that you can find a way, anything is possible. From all the little changes of my physique and mentality on a day to day basis. To the long term things I have achieved physically with bodybuilding and the mental strength I have gained from it by going back to school and graduating with an Anthropology Bachelors. I want to spread the awareness that it is never to late to follow your dreams and passions.