Jacksonville, NC

I started truly working out about 4 years ago off and on and in the beginning I was really struggling. I was a gymnast for 18 years and my career abruptly ended with a major injury that lead me to having to start all over on my fitness journey. It was a rough beginning for me and at first I struggled with motivating myself to go everyday, after about 2 years I finally told myself enough is enough, I was tired of not being able to look in the mirror without finding something to complain about on my body. So I dived right into a whole new lifestyle of fitness and health, and I quickly started to see the results and fell in love.

Its been 2 years since I decided to do something about my body and how I viewed it and I have never felt better. I love the way I look now and I have become so much healthier I'm no longer skin and bones, and my confidence is through the roof. I also feel so much healthier than ever before, I have more energy and get sick less, and mental health has never been so good.

Working out saved me from a huge rut in my life and I couldn't imagine where I would be without it. I am constantly changing my workout routine and diet as my body changes so that I will always maintain the perfect routine that is healthy for my body. I hit the gym everyday, good and bad, and I am always striving to get stronger, look better, and feel healthier!