San Antonio, TX

I began hitting the gym in 2019. I had just moved to Naples, Italy (Military); and I soon realized that I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been. Obviously, I didn't like how I looked and I definitely didn't like how I felt. I had a bit more time in my schedule, so I decided to make a change. I tried the keto diet paired with strength training; and soon I was able to lose 20 pounds.

Now I felt as if I was too small and I wanted to put the weight back on; but in a healthy way. So the second part of my journey began. Living overseas for the first time, being away from my family and friends back in the states, and working such as a stressful job; the state of my mental health began to bounce up and down. Fitness then became more than just an activity I would do to achieve the body I wanted; it also became a way for me to balance my daily stressors.

The numbers on the scale never actually reached my weight goal; but by this point weight lifting had become a habit and I was content with how I looked and how I felt.

When covid struck in 2020; like many others, I began posting my workouts on social media. I started receiving many messages on how seeing my push was so motivating and inspiring for others. This fueled my desire to keep going. And this past summer, I finally became a Certified Personal Trainer.

My fitness journey has been one filled with ups and downs. I have my days when I no longer have the drive to keep going but somehow I always come back. And because of that, I have become a stronger woman; not just physically but also mentally. I plan to launch my fitness business (MindSet Health) so that I can continue to inspire and impact those around me. In the meantime, the story continues !!