Honea Path, SC

Hey everyone! I hail from Upstate NY and ventured solo to a small town in SC after graduating high school in 2015. With just what could fit into my car, my plan was to simply finish college. However, things took a turn after landing a job in my career field and graduating, leading me to buy my first house in 2021. Originally aiming to become a vet tech, I stumbled upon a criminal justice seminar and was captivated. Currently, I share my home with three dogs and two cats, creating quite the zoo!

My upbringing was challenging, raised in a single-parent household with a father who struggled with alcoholism and abusive behavior until my early teens. Today, our relationship has improved, and he's been on a journey of self-healing. Witnessing the damage caused by others who couldn't confront their demons, I vowed to be different and support those in similar situations. My grandparents played a pivotal role in raising my sister and me, and they remain a significant part of my life. Despite the chaos, these experiences have shaped me into who I am today.

My fitness journey began in my senior year of high school when I realized I was uncomfortable with my appearance. Inspired to make a change, I took up running and even considered joining the Marines. Shedding 30lbs in six months, I became passionate about getting strong. Transitioning to college plans, I started hitting the gym regularly, finding solace in the mental escape it provided. Pursuing a career in Law Enforcement, I aimed to feel confident in defending myself and others.

Enrolling in NASM online, I obtained certifications in CNC and PT, eventually starting training at an in-person gym. After six months, I recognized the potential to reach a broader audience online and founded Relentless Fitness (Relentless Fitness Warriors, LLC) in 2022, focusing on First Responders' fitness needs. As an LEO since 2018, I've witnessed the importance of self-care for responders amidst prevalent issues like substance abuse and mental health struggles.

Taking the leap into the fitness world has not only allowed me to make a positive impact on others' lives but has also facilitated my personal growth as a coach. My future goals include expanding my reach to help more responders through my business and continuing to evolve as a coach and individual. Embracing the unknown is daunting, but it's far better than settling for mediocrity. I believe I'm here to make a difference, and that's precisely what I intend to do. The choice is simple: chase your dreams or let them fade away. What's your decision?

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