Fayetteville, NC

I'm an Army Veteran with two decades of military service, and I'm here to share my transformative journey—a journey that started with taking control of my life through fitness.

In 2015, as retirement loomed, I found myself battling mental illness and chronic pain. Feeling down and unmotivated, I dabbled in occasional workouts but never committed to a daily regimen. It wasn't until 2020, amidst the chaos of a pandemic, that life threw more challenges my way. My mother fell ill with Stage 4 cancer, and I found myself homeschooling two kids while managing our family ranch, leaving me exhausted and worn out.

After a deep meditation and prayer, I had a revelation—I needed to regain control of my life. I began a dedicated workout routine, realizing that in order to help others, I had to prioritize my own health. The commitment paid off. I not only started looking and feeling better but also became an inspiration for others on their fitness journeys.

Establishing my own home gym became a pivotal step. The journey included building muscle, enhancing mental focus, and alleviating anxiety. The physical transformation was not just about aesthetics; it became a testament to my mental fortitude.

In 2021, amidst my efforts to rebuild my life, I faced another challenge. My 13-year marriage, already strained, reached a breaking point. The emotional toll of a divorce, coupled with the loss of my dear mother, was undeniably tragic. Yet, my newfound physical strength served as an anchor, helping me withstand the emotional and mental anguish that separation brings.

Throughout this journey, I've come to realize the transformative power of fitness—a power that not only shapes the body but also fortifies the mind. I'm here to share my story, proving that even in life's darkest moments, a commitment to physical and mental well-being can be the beacon that guides you through. From an Army Veteran to a fitness warrior, I stand strong, ready to inspire others to overcome life's battles.

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