Middletown, NY

I'm Stephanie, also known as ShadowLotusQueen, and I'm here to share my incredible journey of resilience, transformation, and unwavering determination. Get ready because I'm about to bring it!

Losing my vision was a life-altering challenge, one that tested my confidence and spirit. But I refused to be defined by circumstances. With each obstacle, I found the strength to rise again. Knowing I couldn't remain stagnant, I became determined to set an example for my children—to show them that even when life hits hard, you must get up and try again.

My fitness journey kicked off in my forties. Initially, it was about getting fit, but soon I discovered a profound adoration for fitness. Witnessing the physical gains inspired me to push my limits further. For me, fitness is not merely about physical benefits; it's a holistic journey encompassing spiritual and mental growth. Through this process, I uncovered a reservoir of determination, a love for the discipline required for progress, and an unshakeable confidence.

Working out became the catalyst to reignite my inner fire, dispelling doubts that had crept in due to my blindness. Dedicated to exploring my physical capabilities, I continually craft creative variations for yoga poses and put unique twists on aerobic exercises, both in and out of the gym.

My look is strong and bold, mirroring the fire and passion I have for life—a passion that no obstacle can restrain. This year, I embraced the title of Warrior Queen because my life has been a fight. Fitness became my vehicle to reclaim the courage to pursue my dreams. That's why I'm here, ready to inspire and prove that nothing can extinguish the fire within me. Get ready for a journey from darkness to Warrior Queen, where I've found strength, determination, and the unstoppable spirit to conquer life's challenges.

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