Hanover, PA

I'm Summer Riley, a proud NPC figure competitor hailing from the serene town of Hanover, Pennsylvania. My fitness odyssey unfolded in 2016, right after tossing my graduation cap. Like many others, my story carries the weight of hardships, but it stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

My early years were clouded by various forms of abuse at home, witnessing my father's struggle with addiction, and enduring relentless messages that I wouldn't amount to much. Refusing to let this define my destiny, I left it all behind after graduation, setting forth on a journey to a new state where my very first job placed me in a gym.

Back then, I didn't resemble a lifter; I was a novice in every sense. But I was determined to do something remarkable. Enter Dolly, a vibrant 55-year-old, whose confidence and strength became my inspiration. With newfound determination, I joined Planet Fitness, navigating the challenges of psychological scars from years of abuse. Gradually, I discovered what worked best for me, not just in the gym but in rebuilding my self-esteem.

As my physical strength grew, so did my mental fortitude. I began to believe in myself, realizing that the haunting words of the past would not dictate my future.

At 20, I moved to Hanover, determined to establish a new life while pursuing my dream of becoming a bodybuilder. Virgil, my coach, played a pivotal role, guiding me to victory in a national qualifier that earned me a coveted spot in a prestigious national-level show in Pittsburgh.

Devouring knowledge from videos and podcasts, I applied it diligently in the gym, achieving astounding results. While facing mixed opinions from others, I stayed true to what I loved. Bodybuilding became my life, and I found someone special who shared my passion.

Today, at 25, I stand as a nationally qualified NPC figure competitor, proudly representing Ares Nutrition. My journey, far from perfect, serves as a daily reminder of how much I've overcome. Recognizing my potential even when I couldn't, the universe guided me to show the world that transformation is possible, against all odds.

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