San Antonio, TX

I first began training in high school and I haven’t stopped since then! I went on the join the military for 9 years, staying highly active in the gym and competing in the USPA for 3 of those years. I recently separated from the military and decided to follow my dreams and passion!

The fitness industry has had such a huge impact on my life over the years, so I felt like it was my time to give back! I got certified to be a personal trainer and opened my own LLC, Beef Battalion Fitness Co. I’ve been operating for just over a year and I’ve maintained a heavy client load, year round. I’ve had the opportunity to change numerous lives via fat loss, muscle gain, lifestyle enhancement, etc. I work RP strength as one of their fitness ambassadors and I have had a ton of success using their RP diet coach app for myself and even my clients.

I am currently in the process of becoming an RP certified Nutrition Coach and I plan to finish my bachelors Degree in exercises science, in the near future. I recently got into bodybuilding, as of last year. I competed in November 2022 and won my first show in men’s classic physique, which was a dream come true. I now have bigger and better dreams of becoming an IFBB pro and I’m going to keep working until I have gained the title.

This is my story, my legacy, my calling. My goal is to change the lives of as many people possible, for the better. It’s time to get back to work. Thanks for reading.