Tina H. 

Atlanta, GA

I’ve always been an active person full of energy. Growing up I enjoyed sports, worked out at the gym sporadically. It wasn't until after college that I developed a love for running and a consistency with going to the gym.
It really stemmed from me going out one night with a friend to run. I would run on and off before this, but I was limited in my mind that I “can’t” run very far, I would never increase my mileage and was complacent with where I was! That night my friend cleared my mind of the can’t mentality! When we finished the run, we had done twice the distance than I had ever been before! Plus, I felt great! It was my mind that limited me!

Believe and Achieve! What you think in your mind you become! From that night on I began to set goals with fitness, and achieving them one by one. This gave me self confidence, plus it flowed into other areas of my life. I did my first marathon soon after, and continued doing races and runs of various distances to this day!

When you free your mind of can’t.... the world is yours! I love to run, I love the community both with running and health, wellness, fitness. I try to set a good example of this daily with my son. I’m thankful for that night and hope I can inspire others whether it be fitness goals or body, professional, etc...

Stay positive! Imagine where you want to be! Take baby steps! Progress not perfection! But if you shoot for the moon and don’t reach it right away, you will still land among the stars!

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