Cheltenham, UK

To battle my mental health demons, been getting into the gym last couple years but its only in the last 6/8months I've told myself its time to push yourself, was really depressed and bad anxiety even though I still suffer today I have got it under control.

I'm now about to start my first bulk of the year. A little nervous and worried about to have a bad spell, but I am going to prove my old self why I'm doing this and prove that person wrong.

I want to show others and help them prove your not alone, what seems like a dark place with no where to go. The gym is where you can let go and be yourself, take all that negative thoughts and worries and make it your fuel to prove them wrong.

I suffered bad bullying when I was younger due to be a chubby lad all way thou3to college, to the point I stopped eating min of 500 calories a day and lost 6 stone in 6 months, but suddenly something changed I don't know what but I had the urge to show them, they only made me become stronger.

I'm now close to 30 yrs old and ready to push my mental health to new level by starting my first bulk and reach my goal, the gym has been my safe house, even when I'm down and don't to go out, I push myself and feel amazing after even if its only a small workout. And that's what I want to show others.