Austin, TX

I started my fitness journey right after I had my seventh child in 2017 my weight was 164 I could not fit into any of my swimwear and did not like the way I looked.or felt so I decided to make a change and inspire myself and my children to have a healthier lifestyle so I started with my diet and started eating healthier options.

Then I started doing cardio and lifting weights now that I have started I am not slowing down. I want to inspire other women if you put your mind into something you can achieve your goals just don’t stop go beast mode no you’re worth. remember why are you start it I am not done with my journey.

I want to see how far I can go and grow. I love that I have inspired my children now they are even lifting weights and eating healthy art every day. I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is drink a cup of water, walk to my garage and start pumping iron. Then I get outside and take my two doggies running.

I have improved my eating. And it’s just not all about the body. It’s the mindset too. I have learned meditation and love to do daily yoga stretching is good for the body. It is so worth it when I have my two daughters, lifting weights, stretching and wanting to do yoga with me, it is a great feeling to see my five boys wanting to go on hikes I weigh 126 now and I am so much more happier.

I am so glad that I have changed my habits. It was a lifestyle change mentally and physically now I am in school learning how to be a certified trainer.