Newman, GA

I started working out my freshman year of high school when I decided to play football. I’ve been on and off in the gym for the past 18 years and have had my fair share of ups and downs. Despite being in and out of a consistent fitness life, overall my size/physique has improved over the years.

Between serving in the Army and graduating college, I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and it put me into some deep and dark places mentally. I struggled to reintegrate back into society and make my own decisions after being told what to do everyday while in the service; therefore, after I was discharged from service, I found it very difficult navigating my own life and making my own decisions.

A girl I loved very much left me to be with someone else and my drug addiction landed me in jail for 8 months. I had officially hit rock bottom and believed that there was no future left for me; however, God had other plans! By His grace and deliverance, I was pulled from the chains of addiction and back on track to rebuilding my life and body back to how I’ve always wanted it to be.

I’ve always admired people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath in classic bodybuilding. They were super heroes to me and every super hero I’ve ever known/pictured has had a phenomenal physique! Fitness role models have aided me in my journey incredibly!

During my years of training, I’ve learned to adapt discipline not only in the gym, but in every aspect of life. I will continue to evolve and follow fitness mentors for the rest of my days. There’s a huge learning curve in fitness and you can always learn something new!

I genuinely care and have humility for people, and I’ve always envisioned utilizing my training in the gym to help somebody in need one day. Looking like a spartan warrior has always been my dream and I will stop at nothing until I made that dream a reality!