Den Hout, Netherlands

Hi! I’m Valeria, I’m 25 years old, I’m from Spain and based in the Netherlands since 5 years ago.

I have always been an active person, currently I am a professional horse trainer where I ride around 10-15 horses a day, and I have been riding since I was able to get on a horse (6yo) but not always having a healthy lifestyle, as I use to eat non healthy meals, drinking on the weekends and not working out all my body properly.

Training horses have made me have build some muscles but also damage some other because I don’t workout all my body some of the muscles get tense and stiff.

With this I decided to start working out to get a healthier body, flexible and balanced.
I started with biking, walking and running.
But then I realized that my body was not feeling great as I was training horses so many hours, plus the extra working out to balanced my body.

Thought it was time to start taking care of my body from the inside, getting enough nutrients and vitamins every day. At the moment my body its feeling so much better.

I would like to inspire people to start taking care of them self, working out doesn’t mean you do it because you want to look good it means that you want to do it because you want to feel good and get 1% better every single day. Hope I can reach and motivate people to get better and don’t wait until tomorrow, start today.