Melbourne, Australia

I am Vivienne Louise Tatnell, ICN National Bodybuilding Champion, with a track record of 74 competitions under my belt. For over a decade, I've been coaching, drawing on my background in athletics during primary and high school, as well as a decade of competitive basketball. My journey has encompassed personal training and involvement in various bodybuilding categories like figure, fitness, sports modeling, bikini, and, in 2023, I'm venturing into the physique division.

From the early years, my goals were crystal clear: to grace the Olympia stage with the pros. Since witnessing Juliana Malacarne in 2016, I knew that's exactly where I wanted to be—embracing strength, muscle mass, elegance, and poise. In 2023, sharing the stage with Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw is a prospect I eagerly await, and soon, I plan to meet her in person when I make my way to the USA.

Reflecting on my journey, it's essential to acknowledge our roots and envision where we're headed to attain our life goals. The gym is my sanctuary—I relish training, embrace swimming, and find solace in the recovery rituals of sauna, steam room, and winter ocean swims. Every aspect of pushing my body through the stress of training and experiencing the incredible feeling of recovery is a source of joy.

From a young age, sports and competition have been my driving force. Being on stage, showcasing my dedication to bodybuilding, brings me unparalleled satisfaction. I attribute my love for this sport to a combination of personal attributes and inspiration from my favorite bodybuilders who have consistently motivated me to become a better athlete and, consequently, a better person.

Strength training, in my belief, is not just a personal endeavor—it's a societal benefit. The more individuals engage in strength training, the better it is for society as a whole. Bodybuilding is not just a sport to me; it's a way of life that I wholeheartedly endorse.