Green Bay, WI

My journey in the fitness world reached a significant milestone in November 2023 when I was inducted into the National Gym Association Hall of Fame at the NGA Universe in Deltona, Florida. As of 2024, I have had the privilege of promoting 42 bodybuilding and figure competitions across three states over a span of 23 years, from 2001 to 2024. These competitions include the NGA Pro/Am Mr. and Ms. Natural Philly Championships (2001 to 2024), the NGA Metro Philly and World's Gym Natural Philly Championships (2011 to 2017), the NGA Mr. Anthracite Natural/Mr. Coal Natural Championships (2012 to 2023), and the NGA Pro/Am Green Bay Hardbodies Natural Championships (2021 to 2024), which I co-promote with Paul Hadler, an NGA Pro from Gastonia, NC.

In 2013, filmmaker Augustin Blazquez of AB Film Productions produced a documentary about my journey titled "The Natural Pastor," which is available on YouTube. This documentary delves into my life as a pastor, promoter, and former competitive natural bodybuilder. My inspiration for natural bodybuilding and promoting the sport began when a science teacher moved to my community in Southern Minnesota. We started working out together at a local gym that was a hub for competitive bodybuilders. This teacher competed in bodybuilding shows in Minnesota and Iowa, eventually becoming a personal trainer and contest promoter. Following in his footsteps, I embarked on my competitive bodybuilding journey on my 40th birthday and went on to compete in 15 shows until I was 60 years old. My highest achievements were in 1993 and 1996, when I won the Grandmaster's division in two shows.

Even in my 70s, I continue to work out at least five times a week. Promoting natural bodybuilding has been my passion, both before and during my retirement. I regularly sponsor posing practice sessions for the three NGA shows I currently promote: the NGA Pro/Am Natural Philly in March or April in Trevose, PA; the Pro/Am NGA Green Bay Hardbodies Natural in May in Green Bay, WI; and the NGA Mr. Anthracite Natural/Mr. Coal Natural in July in Pottsville, PA. For more information and registration details, you can visit www.mrnaturalphilly.com or find me on Facebook under the name Warren Egebo.

My journey from a small-town gym enthusiast to a Hall of Fame inductee and promoter of numerous bodybuilding competitions has been fueled by a passion for natural bodybuilding. This sport has not only shaped my physical fitness but also defined my life's work. It all began with the inspiration from a dedicated science teacher, and it continues today as I strive to support and uplift the natural bodybuilding community.

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