Xavier Thompson 

Suitland, MD

"I’ve always enjoyed working out, playing sports, but mainly lifting weights. I looked up to a lot of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts once I entered college which really help drive my passion to take my Fitness and Health to the next level. Although I really started taking my fitness serious in college, I started back in high school which puts me at 15+ years of training my body.

Working out daily, staying fit, and achieving new fitness goals has change my life for the better. If continues to give me the want to be better. Accomplishing goals is key for boosting your confidence and realizing that you can do anything you put your mind to. I created a YouTube channel to help get this message across. I document all my transformations while at the same time giving my viewers tips and tricks on how to accomplish their own fitness and health goals.

Is fitness easy? Of course not. Is anybody capable? You bet! I preach that any and everybody can transform their bodies with discipline and dedication. Majority of the time is yourself who stops you from achieving greatness. I believe over, the last 15+ years of my Fitness and Health journey, that I’ve got a good handle on being disciplined, staying motivated, remaining dedicated, while all at the same time continuing to inspire others to also do the same.

Fun fact, I’ve failed numerous times when it came to reaching a goal at a certain time hack, cheating on my diet when I knew it would only hurt me at the end, and don’t let me get started on the missed workouts. It happens to all of us. Get over it! Mess it, acknowledge your mistakes, and do better next time!"

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