Toronto, ON

"A little history on myself:

I am not a body builder, doctor, nutritionist, nothing like that. I am a 36 year old Real Estate Agent with an 11 month old Baby Boy.

I am as Natural as they come!

I have had 2 Heart Surgeries). I was born with a Bicuspid Aortic Valve (AKA: Leaky Valve). I had open Heart Surgery when I was 20 and they inserted a Cow Valve. There were complications during the surgery and I was bleeding internally for a few days. I almost didn’t make it through that but someone was looking out for me and I pulled through thankfully (that’s why I have the Superman Tattoo). That Valve only lasted 6 years (was supposed to last 10). I then had a Second Heart Surgery where they inserted a Mechanical Valve. This one is supposed to last upwards of 30 years but the downside is, I need to be on Blood Thinners everyday for the rest of my life.
4 years ago I let myself get into the worst shape of my life. I was pushing 270 lbs and miserable. That’s when I decided to make a change!

I am telling you all this because I want EVERYONE to realize, that if I can do this, a 36 year old Real Estate Agent, new dad, had 2 heart surgeries AND on blood thinners, ANYONE CAN DO THIS! I now have the Physique I dreamed about 4 years ago.

I’m not going to Sugar Coat it and say it’s Super Easy. It’s not. If it was, everyone would be ripped and in the best shape of their life. That being said, this isn’t Super Hard. It takes some time and dedication. But if you think about it, what doesn’t take time and dedication if you want to succeed at something.

The point of all this is to not Discourage but to Encourage. Like I said before, I’m nothing special. If I can do it, so can every single person out there."