"I've always been an athlete and worked out most of my life, it's the one thing that has saved me time and time again. My past is filled with mistakes and mental health issues, like addiction and depression and suicidal tendencies, and working out literally saved my life. On top of that I have severe high functioning anxiety, severe insomnia, OCD, and ptsd, instead of taking a bunch of medications, I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not the easier, softer way. This has been a hard and a long journey, it still is, but the positive affects of working out in my life are unmatched by medicine and instant gratification and I am better than I have ever been. I am truly living my best life now and it is because of living a healthy lifestyle and working out. When I say working out literally saved my life, I'm not exaggerating. So, I dedicated my life to this and recently opened my own personal training business: BBM Fitness. I am here to continue to get the word out about my story and business, because my biggest goal is to help people struggling, especially those with mental health issues. I want other people to try something different, something a little harder, but something much more rewarding than going to a thousand doctors and taking a thousand medications - btw I'm not against western medicine, I just know it's not the only solution. Working out saved my life, I'm here to tell you it can save yours too. And my catchphrase: BODY IT! So whatever you are facing, let's body it together!"