Bethesda, MD

"I started out my fitness journey at a young age. Played sports the majority of my life up until college. Didn’t start weightlifting till 8th grade. The reason I even went to college was because of sports. However I ended up injuring myself and had to stop which is where everything changed.

My name is Alex and I'm a recovering addict and alcoholic. My injury lead me down the path of drugs and alcohol which I found nearly impossible to escape from until a little over 100 days ago. I can honestly the fact that I never stopped having a passion for fitness saved my life. There were several times I had thought that I would never be athletic or fit ever again but I proved myself wrong. In the past 3 months alone I have already accomplished so much. I'm training for my first men's physique show within the next year. Back in April I weighed around 225 to 230 and now I bounce between 190 and 195. I have a pretty strict routine and diet when it comes to my workouts. I actually work out 7 days a week. My only goal is to help and inspire people that recovery is possible even for someone like me who was pretty much a lost cause. My life and fitness style is take things one day at a time and progress not perfection. If working out can change my life it can change others as well. Working out helps me so much with staying accountable for my goals as well as staying sober. I just want to be a living example that change and hope is possible."