Boca Raton, FL

"Initially I started working out for aesthetic goals. I got tired of having to buy more pants because I kept growing out of the ones I had. Until my partner said “do you want to buy more, or do you want to fit the ones you have?”. I started to focus on nutrition first. Someone told me “you can’t outwork a bad diet” so I wanted to thoroughly learn to improve the way we eat as a family. I worked on this for 6 months and got a good hold on it. My cousin then invited me to the gym, and I finally gave in. The moment I finished my first workout, I signed up for my own membership and have not stopped since. Lifting weights grew to be my therapy.I went 4-6 days a week. My clothes were fitting different, and I started to feel different too. This stimulated my mind in a way that was also productive!

I eventually lost my grandmother. She had a stroke, survived it but her quality of life was very limited and eventually she let go. She passed. The way I grieved her loss was working out & started looking into health much deeper & took initiative to break that cycle in my family. I started educating myself on a lot of our issues & how to prevent them. I didn’t want to repeat this by not taking care of myself when this is well in my control. We were very close, she just didn’t ever take care of herself (no doctor visits in 50+ years, did not eat healthy at all, didn’t heal from past happenings) and I was determined to not take that road.

I eventually started to train some family members, helping them have a better future as well. Now it’s my passion and I want to pursue this much more & help more people.

I have experienced eating disorders, a lot of old wounds, working out too much & hurting my progress.. and all of these things have been positively impacted & changed in my life because I kept going, kept an open mind to always learning more & applying what I’ve learned & giving myself a real chance. 

This has helped to shape my mentality into a much more healed & stronger version of me. 

Fitness brings out the best in me & showed me that being better and stronger than I was yesterday is possible and doable!"