New South Wales, Australia

I started exercising in 2015 after I had achieved a previous goal of travelling solo in the USA. I truly never believed I could lose weight or be strong or even like myself so I figured let's give it a shot what's the worst that could happen?

Instead the best thing happened, I learned that weight loss doesn't mean you will like yourself that takes time being alone with yourself and liking who you are, I learnt to love lifting weights and found so many people who encouraged me and pushed me to lift heavier then I thought I could, I have made amazing friends I still have to this day, I have learned to enjoy food and not punish my body because of what I consume and lastly I have learned that I love being outside in nature which I discovered on my walks and hikes to get my cardio fitness in better shape.

My journey is still going and ever-changing and some days are harder then others but I love it, the lessons, the achievements and the growth. I am proud of the woman I am becoming and I truly hope to inspire anyone else to live their life with a purpose and confidence in themselves.

You can do anything you put your mind to and working on you and what you want is only the beginning of your journey.

Don't ever forget to just keep chipping away at your goals slowly and remind yourself daily that you got this."