Huntsville, AL

"I really started my fitness journey when I was bout 15. I was 6' 1" and only about 130lbs on a good day. I hated being the skinny kid, always being told to eat more in spite of my near constant shoveling food in my mouth. I always felt less than worthy and ashamed that I couldn't put on weight. I lifted religiously, began training in martial arts and for years and read every bodybuilding article I could find and accumulating all the fitness equipment I could afford until I finally began to see progress at about 20 years old. Through focusing on form and tweaking my nutrition I finally got up to 170lb. I spent countless hours in the gym trying different exercises and pushing as heavy of weight as I could. Through the years I've realized that the key to progress isn't ego lifting, it's quality, volume, and consistency in both training and in diet. I'm finally up to 205lb, but I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but it's about progress not perfection. My focus has evolved over the years to a point where I'm no longer as scared of being that skinny kid, I just want to be better. If I'm ever satisfied and stop training then I've missed the point, because now it's about being better tomorrow than I am today. It's about putting one foot in front of the other and continually moving forward, even when you want to give up. There is no shame in lifting light or having a trouble area, but there is shame in giving up."